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MLRS 0-40 OGANJ 128mm

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EDePro | MLRS 0-40 OGANJ 128mm
Made for Extreme Combat Conditions


With the 128mm O-40 ballistic rocket, EDePro once again proved its dominance in the modernisation of known artillery systems, giving them a significantly increased military effectiveness on the modern battlefield. Compatible with all existing 128mm multiple launcher systems (M-77 Oganj, NATO reporting name: YMRL-32), with the same connection to the launcher as the original 128mm Oganj rocket, the O-40 has extended range of more than 40 km and an improved reliability in the most extreme combat conditions. Compared to the original M-77, the O-40’s modernised warhead has stronger blast and fragmentation effects. Moreover, it includes a standard MRV-U fuse with an instantaneous or delayed action.

The O-40’s completely new rocket motor provides the necessary thrust and, if launched from sea level (0 metres), it ensures a range over 40 km. The motor enables the modular design of the 128mm rocket, which allows the use of different types of warheads (as per the 128mm calibre) and fin assemblies, depending on the customers’ requirements. 

Both adjustable and reliable, the 128mm O-40 is certified according to strict military standards, in extreme temperatures ranging from -30°C to +50°C. The rocket is shipped pre-assembled with a separately packed fuse, in a transport box certified according to the UN standards and suitable for all means of transport.


  • Multi-launcher capabilities, modular or standard, and compatibility with all current standard operating 128mm launchers
  • Modernised warhead with a standard MRV-U fuse
  • Easy transport
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