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UAV – Intelligence in Service of Demanding Defense and Aerospace Missions
ALECS I is our advanced fully electrically powered fixed-wing UAV solution. Due to its vertical lift technology, this divisional aircraft doesn’t require the support of an airport runway, launcher, or booster, nor any costly logistics, which enables its successful takes off and lands from any terrain. High-end construction materials and technology, along with high-precision manufacturing provide easy and rapid mode switches, ranking ALECS I among aircraft that combine the best performances of both – drones and horizontal unmanned aero vehicles. With 6 kg of payload, robust and field-proven technology, along with more efficiency and safety due to the electric propulsion of this aircraft, ALECS I has found its application both in demanding military operations as well as in intelligence and observation missions. 

represents our more robust and technologically improved version of ALECS I. Compared to helicopters, the hybrid propulsion of this sophisticated UAV solution achieves higher cruising speed, for less energy, resulting in increased efficiency - significant flight time extension and endurance along with 25kg of payload capacity. Groundbreaking electronic technology and design make ALECS II a state-of-the-art solution able to carry a wide range of performances, from high preciseness artillery support, offensive drone operations, to observation and surveillance empowered by advanced optoelectronics and video transmission system. 

Pioneering in advanced UAV design and flight testing, our team offers custom development and payload integration to suit our customers’ unique requirements and support their missions whenever they search for flawless performance and success-driven solutions. 



  • Full Electric Version
  • Takeoff and landing vertically from any terrain
  • Modern Electronic Technology
  • Opto-electronics and video transmission


  • Hybrid Version (recharging battery in the air) 
  • Starter – Generator Motor up to 3kW 
  • Takeoff and landing vertically from any terrain
  • Enhanced Electronic Technology 
  • Opto-electronics and video transmission
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