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EDePro | Data Acquisition (DAQ) System
Advanced Testing Solution for Propulsion Engine Systems

Having earned a great reputation for innovation and modernization of well-known propulsion systems, EDePro has delivered a solution for lab equipment. The production of advanced aircrafts, missiles, UAV solutions and subsystems is just one step of how we support our worldwide customer’s missions. The accurate testing and calibration for ensuring consistent product quality is a prerequisite of success for organizations ranging from defense contractors to government agencies.

As an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) our expert team is focused on testing and verifying the performance, reliability, as well as the safety of produced solutions. We developed a data acquisition (DAQ) system, a specially designed setup to test and evaluate the performance, functionality and characteristics of various propulsion systems or complex mechanical devices used in diverse industries. The EDePro DAQ system includes measurement devices, sensors and data acquisition software. Its purpose is to provide a controlled environment where different aspects of the tested object can be examined and measured.

Besides testing service in our facilities, we provide customers with a modular horizontal test stand, 4 types of sensors (pressure, thrust, temperature and flow meter), portable DAQ device and in-house developed software for data logging and analysis. Furthermore, the EDePro DAQ system enables the test stand that can be used on all-terrains or on any occasion where there is a need for testing propulsion systems.

It is designed to accommodate engines or propulsion systems up to 250 daN. Portable DAQ device is compatible with a variety of sensors that can be connected via a provided suitable signal conditioner, up to 16, depending on the customers’ requirements. The EDePro DAQ system houses the main package of sensors - thrust, pressure, temperature and flow meter. Our advanced software solution has the ability to visualize and process the acquired data in real time.


  • Modular design of TEST STAND;
  • Modular design of DAQ System, extendable up to 16 channels;
  • DAQ Device can collect data from a wide variety of sensors;
  • DAQ Device is equipped with a built-in real-time processor; 
  • EDePro DAQ Software for real-time data visualization.
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