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In external ballistics, achieving a high accuracy with unguided projectiles has always been a challenge. How can one determine a projectile’s effects where the atmospheric parameters can be displayed in different ways? This can be achieved through accurate firing tables — which can both minimise costs and provide reliable dispersion data.

Designed for the user's needs, EDePro's firing tables consist of two main packages. The RTGP (Range Table Generation and Plotting) is used to create target azimuth and target angle correction tables, as well as range tables with elevation angles, main path parameters, probable errors and full corrections due to atmospheric disturbances. Hill firing table solutions are also included in the software. Meanwhile, the RTBC (Range Table Ballistic Calculator) uses the data from the first package. The effects are analytically determined and then refined by implementing the projectile’s 6DOF (Six-Degrees-of-Freedom) flight model. Both software packages have a GUI (Graphical User Interface) with detailed user manuals.

The software is developed for various projectiles, from artillery rockets to other conventional and gyro-stabilised projectiles. Furthermore, it applies the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation) standard atmosphere, along with the ANA (Artillery Normal Atmosphere).

Our firing tables can use the values generated by this software or the ballistic atmospheric elements from the proving ground. Starting from the measured atmospheric parameters and the weighting factors, established for a specific projectile and standard heights, the ballistic atmospheric parameters can be determined and used for correcting the effects.

Moreover, our firing tables contain data that show the projectile’s performance, ensuring an effective fire on the target in various tactical situations.


  • Tables of weighting factors or their values as per the projectile’s 6DOF model
  • Determining of effects by using the 6DOF model and ballistic atmospheric parameters
  • Determining of effects by using the 6DOF model and measured atmospheric parameters for the trajectory’s height
  • The specified projectile’s ballistic module, installed on a rugged tablet designed for the proving ground
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