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Enhanced armour combat at extended range

Based On The Pauk/Spider Family’s Outstanding Performance

Like other missiles from the Pauk/Spider family, Pauk/Spider H is designed to destroy tanks and other modern armoured vehicles, along with lightly armoured targets. But, unlike its counterpart – Pauk/Spider M – this missile is helicopter-launched. It also has an extended range of direct fire (fire-and-forget) of up to 3.5 km, while its indirect fire (NLoS) ranges from 2 km to an impressive 11 km.

Pauk/Spider H consists of advanced subsystems, which make sure that its objectives are achieved and to ensure its total dominance on the battlefield

They include guidance, navigation and control (GNC), electronic safe arming and fusing (ESAF), the rocket motor with two levels of thrust, the radio link, and the tandem shaped charge warhead – made for piercing explosive reactive armour (ERA). Furthermore, due to its IIR gimbaled homing head, precise target acquisition and tracking, along with the programmed trajectory, warhead capable of penetrating over 1,000 mm RHA, Pauk/Spider H develops probability of hitting and destroying both  stationary and moving targets up to 90%. This makes Pauk/Spider H a remarkable product by ensuring accuracy, agility and power in a single solution.


  • A tandem shaped charge warhead with front and main charges
  • Midterm guidance – altimeter/GPS
  • Terminal guidance – based on the IIR/TV homing head
  • Direct fire capability (fire-and-forget) up to 3.5 km
  • Indirect fire capability (NLOS) 2 – 11 km
  • Communication with the CLU via radio link (IIR HH or TV image with bidirectional data flow)
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